Round Tablecloths
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Round Tablecloths

We offer High Quality Tablecloths in Standard and Custom sizes. Available in 100% Poly and 100% Spun Poly, these tablecloths are Wrinkle Free and are Easy to Care. Most suitable for Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers, Weddings and Special Events. As a general rule, all tablecloths above 60"; Round have 2 Seams. But we do offer Seamless Round Tablecloths on request. Basic Polyester linens are the true "work horses" of the hospitality industry. These permanent-pressed, soil-release fabrics are constructed for easy care and unbeatable durability.

Types Of Tablecloths

Round Tablecloths: We offer these Round Tablecloths in both Spun poly and 100% Poly in sizes 60";, 72";, 90";, 108";, 120";, 132"; and 144"; Round. These are the standard sizes available and for any other customer sizes, just give us a call.

Banquet Tablecloths: Banquet Tablecloths come for tables of any size and the drop you wish to have. We offer a wide choice in fabric and color.

Square Tablecloths: These Tablecloths are a perfect fit for any occasion. Visit our website or give us a call for any size or color.

To determine the size of your cloth you need to know:

The dimensions of your table (length & width or diameter) The desired drop:

  • 10"-12" to lap level
  • 15" for standard banquet tables
  • 29"-30" to the floor